Dear IFN,
Receive our heartfelt greetings in the most holy and precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We as a family (The Mugweris) and as a ministry hereby acknowledge receiving US $150, the equivalent of UG Shs 330,000/=
Please accept our warm gratitude and thanks and we as well convey it to our beloved Donors. What a relief to us as a family, for we are able to meet many demanding bills!!! We thank the Lord so much for having sustained IFN to continually support us till this far. May the Lord richly bless you our Bishop, Pastor Luiz and our Donors too. IFN Ministry means alot to us and we are grateful for the furthest we've come alongside it's support.
We are now registering FIVE years in fellowship, God is good. Our Church and your Church (Hope Restoration Center) is doing well and we ask you to keep us in prayer.
NB: I have passed on pastor Charles his share, which is US $100.
Pastor Aggrey Mugweri.


Respected Pastor Luiz, and the Loving Donor for me,
Praise the name of the Lord Jesus forever and ever,
On 16th September I have received the ammount - the Love offer from IFN. It is a great blessing for me and my family + Pastor Abraham and his family with our ministry. It goes as the tools for the evangelization in the Hindu dominant country.

Ps.: My wife Ambika remembers you a lot. Pawan and Pratibha convey their greetings to you and to your entire Lovely God's people there. We are too much remembering your visit and fellowship with us last year (2009) September in these same days. I pray, - may God and the Holy Spirit be with us.

Ratna + family